The only guideline we enforce is you should be over 50 to become listed on Stitch.

I obtained great deal of feedback from individuals concerning the age We decided to go with whenever I first had written that post, so Stitch is in fact ready to accept anybody over 50. It is a bit of a arbitrary restriction but we needed to choose something … we’ll be thinking about hearing feedback from individuals about where we ought to be drawing the line (and sometimes even whether you should be drawing a line after all).

What type of line did you draw age 50 plus or up within the 80”s The actual only real guideline we enforce is you have to be over 50 to participate Stitch. Our users cover anything from 50 up to their late eighties! Awesome .you are directly on target! Carry on with the good work. Anticipating this site’s first. I’ve tried lots of the other people disastrous. We wholeheartedly rely on finding many rather than one however if one came along and may fill the requirements that the numerous can fill .perfect. All of us need friends and companions I’m excited! Many thanks for the vote of self- self- confidence Deborah, we love hearing that individuals are stoked up about just what we’re trying to accomplish. We understand it is maybe maybe not going to be perfect from time one but for as long we know we’re going to get there as we keep getting great input from users about what we’re doing!

Love the concept. You will be just right and I also wish you set the globe burning.

Hello. Extremely worked up about this brand new website.I think it is a great concept for Seniors.I were doing online dating sites for awhile.Very discouraging.Im therefore hoping that one would be different.I wish you a great deal success along with your undertaking. Many Thanks Martha! Our biggest challenge is likely to be making certain every person hears about Stitch so we will get lots of actually good individuals enrolling … the actual key is ensuring that the folks on Stitch will be the types of individuals would you like to fulfill. Therefore what you can perform to aid spread the expressed term will undoubtedly be welcome! Actually appreciate the feedback that is positive and here’s hoping we can live as much as your hopes for Stitch. Opted two weeks ago … you weren’t “open for business” yet before I realized. I’m hoping it will be quickly! How can we discover what your routine is for the areas?

Stephanie p The thing we have actuallyn’t seen mentioned concerning the other internet dating sites for over 55’s is the fact that it seems as being similar to a task search. Several thousand candidates with no reaction!

Whereabouts are you currently situated? I wish we’re able to give a company rollout routine for many areas but a great deal does be determined by exactly how many people register in almost any one location for them to meet at first… we just don’t want our very first users to get a negative experience because there aren’t enough people. Based on where you stand, we’re able to be around for your requirements in a couple of weeks to a few months from now. I like the analogy about trying to get jobs … i believe I’ll have actually to publish a blog post about this concept time quickly! Hello, Just got done reading all of the info and found it really interesting..I have always been opted with another dating solution until Nov. it’s great to learn exactly how much you may be interested utilizing the older audience. (hooray) i will be from Maine and I also understand you will do your best that it may make a difference but am positive. All the best for you and you are wished by me the greatest. Lorraine S. i would really like to fulfill some senior individuals in my age(about 50 years of age) and near my town, Houston. Just opted and also have a go