Lapidus Scotland develops the employment of imaginative terms for overall health through imaginative writing workshops

Lapidus Scotland develops the utilization of imaginative terms for wellbeing and health through innovative writing workshops, storytelling and poetry sessions, and hosted the concealed Voices seminar in Glasgow in 2006, including a presentation by OurStory Scotland on Untold Stories regarding the LGBT Community

Imaginative Scotland the nationwide frontrunner for Scotland’s arts, display screen and innovative companies (previously the Scottish Arts Council): OurStory Scotland had been granted a Scottish Arts Council lottery funded grant for the Queer Stories task 2005 2007 and an innovative Scotland lottery funded grant for prefer Out of Bounds this season 2011

Libraries, Museums and Galleries

Nationwide Library of Scotland The Nationwide Library of Scotland is Scotland’s biggest collection plus the globe centre for the analysis of Scotland plus the Scots. The OurStory Scotland Collection into the Archives and Manuscript Collections at the Library homes our dental history recordings and private testimonies, while our video clip tracks are archived in its Moving Image Archive, Scotland’s nationwide going pictures collection, which preserves over a century of Scottish history on movie and video clip. The nationwide Library of Scotland provides a tremendously Guide that is useful to Research Resources.

Nationwide Museums Scotland Scottish lifestyle Archive The Scottish lifetime Archive at Nationwide Museums Scotland in Edinburgh is really a rich research resource, which comprises documentary and audio artistic proof of the diverse life associated with individuals of Scotland. The OurStory Scotland Collection when you look at the Scottish lifestyle Archive includes artworks and episodes that are handwritten LGBT life tales gathered by OurStory Scotland for the nation.

Mitchell Library The Mitchell is regarded as European countries’s biggest general public guide libraries with a novel stock of 1.3 million publications, 35,000 maps and tens of thousands of photographs, magazines and microfilms. It really is funded by Glasgow City Council and it is the hub of a citywide information solution for all residents, employees and people to the town. Virtual Mitchell is made from digitised photographs as well as other pictures of Glasgow a selection that is small those held in Archives and Special Collections within the Mitchell Library. The Mitchell could be the formal target of OurStory Scotland and supports us by giving conference area. The OurStory Scotland Collection in the Mitchell archives papers with respect to OurStory Scotland as A scottish charity, its history and origins, establishment, organization, magazines and occasions, along side Scottish LGBT publications donated to OurStory Scotland.

Open Museum The Open Museum takes Glasgow Museums’ collections beyond the museum walls and out in to the community. The Open Museum has numerous reminiscence kits, item control kits and exhibitions designed for loan. This service that is free Glasgow’s residents to borrow museum objects and produce their very own shows. Cooperation amongst the Open Museum and OurStory Scotland has lead to the OurStory reminiscence package and kit that is handling reminiscence workshops with LGBT individuals, and exhibitions in the Kelvingrove together with Gallery of Modern Art.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum the greatest civic museum and memorial into the UK, with collections of worldwide value OurStory Scotland held its groundbreaking OurSpace event right right here in 2008

Gallery of contemporary Art GoMA in Glasgow could be the 2nd many visited modern memorial outside London. OurStory Scotland caused GoMA to create exhibitions, workshops and activities with regards to the personal Justice theme for 2009.

Individuals Palace and Winter Gardens the individuals’s Palace is Glasgow’s social history museum and informs the story of those and town of Glasgow from 1750 to the current. Connected to the individuals Palace could be the elegant Victorian glasshouse the Winter Gardens where there clearly was a programme of temporary exhibitions and occasions over summer and winter. OurStory Scotland has held exhibitions and workshops right here.

St Mungo Museum of Religious lifestyle and Art St Mungo Museum has shows, artefacts and pieces of art that explore the necessity of faith in individuals life, looking to market understanding and respect between folks of various faiths and of none. OurStory Scotland’s event appreciate Out of Bounds happened right here in 2012. Glasgow Women’s Library a collection of data for and about ladies, a reference and financing collection, an archive and resource centre, and also the only women’s collection when you look at the UK.East Lothian Museums museum collections, exhibitions and activities across East Lothian, including regular involvement in LGBT History Month since 2008