Comparing the most recent iPhones: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11 vs. iPhone SE

After a little bit of a wait, Apple has revealed down this year’s iPhone 12 models. But are they worth the upgrade? New Atlas compares the specifications and options that come with the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, 12 professional and 12 professional Max up against the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 professional Max.

This present year you will find four iPhone 12 models – following final year’s naming conventions, there’s a base model, an expert and an expert Max variation. But also for the very first time there’s now also a mini model also, because of the main distinction being the size that is physical.

Despite the fact that Apple has stopped straight offering the 11 professional and professional Max, we’ve included them in this contrast because they’re still effortlessly purchased off their vendors. And undoubtedly, it might assist those that currently possess these models and generally are wondering if it is worth the update. The 2nd generation iPhone SE has arrived too, as it’s nevertheless a viable choice having just released earlier in the day this present year.

Generally speaking, all the iPhone 12 models is somewhat larger than its 11 counterpart. The iPhone 12 and 12 professional would be the precise same size in all measurements, which will be just a couple millimeters larger than the 11 professional. Likewise, the 12 professional Max is a couple of mm larger than the 11 professional Max.

The alternative does work when it comes to 12 mini though – it’s a bit smaller compared to the SE, but that’s kind associated with the point. This really is a phone if you are fed up with the ever-growing “phablets” weighing down their pouches.

And lastly, the beds base model 11 is sort of left floating at the center by itself. It’s a small bigger compared to 12 and 12 professional but a far cry short of both generation’s Pro Max models.


The iPhone 12 mini is the lightest associated with lot, just 135 grms (4.8 oz), although the heaviest may be the 12 professional Max at 228 g (8 oz). That’s a positive change of 93 g (3.2 oz) throughout the range that is whole that will be the exact carbon copy of a lot more than 18 nickels. Body Weight is not the absolute most factor that is important start thinking about however when the real difference is much like lugging around a pocketful of modification, it is well worth keeping at heart.


As a guideline, Apple appears to provide its entry level models brighter and more playful colors, although the premium iPhones have more muted metallic finishes. As a result, black colored, white and red are typical to your iPhones SE, 11, 12 and 12 mini. The second two have green and options that are blue even though the 11 can be chosen in green, yellowish and purple.

The professional and professional Max models, meanwhile, all can be found in gold and silver finishes, utilizing the 11s also offering area Gray and Midnight Green plus the 12s getting Graphite and Pacific Blue.


All eight of those iPhones are produced with cup front side and straight straight back, ringed with a steel. From the iPhone SE, 11, 12 and 12 mini that’s aluminum, as well as on the professional and professional Max models that framework is metal.

Not used to the iPhone 12 lineup is exactly what Apple calls a “ceramic shield.” The display is created with a newly-developed cup ceramic, which will be made to result in the display as much as four times more resistant to breaking. The iPhone 12 show can be built with magnets that put on accessories that are new wallets, instances and chargers.

Show size

The iPhone SE is packing the littlest display, at a quaint 4.7 ins. Next in line could be the 12 mini, which despite being an actually smaller unit nevertheless squeezes in a 5.4-in display screen. The 11 professional is next, followed by a three-way tie between the 11, the 12 and 12 professional, on 6.1 in.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max packs a decent 6.5-in display, nevertheless the 12 Pro Max tops them having a 6.7-incher that is huge.

Screen-to-body ratio

The iPhone SE gets the littlest screen-to-body ratio regarding the lot – it’s modeled from the outdated iPhone 8 look, with chunky bezels and dense strips throughout the top and bottom.

The sleep fare better as a result of a notch design when you look at the top that houses the selfie digital camera. The iPhone 12 show manages to match an amount that is decent screen than just about any for the 11 phones.

Display resolution

The iPhone 12 lineup generally speaking has an increased quality than their predecessors. In reality, the iPhone SE and 11 are among the list of final phones to have screens that don’t even reach Comprehensive HD resolution – a regular that a lot of other businesses reached years back. The 11 professional and professional Max are definitely better prepared, with shows which are approximately 2K.

The 12 and 12 Pro have actually the exact same display, which slots in between your 11 professional and 11 professional Max. Meanwhile the display from the 12 professional Max may be the beefiest regarding the lot.

Show kind

After keeping IPS LCD for decades, Apple happens to be securely when you look at the OLED camp, similar to of their rivals. As such, it now reserves LCD technology because of its entry level phones – in this instance, the iPhone 11 and SE. Generally speaking, OLED products should bring brighter colors, much much deeper blacks and better comparison.


An innovative new generation means a fresh processor, therefore the iPhone 12 show is running on Apple’s latest chipset, the A14 Bionic. Whilst the very first to market with an architecture that is 5-nanometernearly all are nevertheless at 7 nm), the organization brags that this brand brand new processor may be the quickest in almost any smartphone ever. having said that, the A13 isn’t any slouch either. It’s still up there with all the quickest, in comparison to other products.

Apple does not formally launch its RAM numbers, so we will often have to attend for 3rd party teardowns. Only at that stage that is early nobody’s gotten their arms from the iPhone 12s yet, therefore we’re not sure just what the RAM is, but conjecture indicates the iPhone 12 and 12 mini are running 4 GB – the exact same while the 11 lineup – whilst the 12 professional and professional Max boost that to 6 GB.

Front camera

The iPhone 12s have the selfie that is same whilst the 11s – a great digital digital camera with 12 megapixels, and an aperture of f/2.2. They’re also designed with depth-sensing technology that Apple calls TrueDepth 3D, which will be exactly just what allows the Face ID facial recognition system.

The iPhone SE misses down but, and it is rather kitted down having a non-depth-sensing, 7-MP digital camera.

Back cameras

Perhaps there hasn’t been a huge jump in camera tech this generation – in reality, figures wise the sole distinction is a slightly wider aperture (the f-number) on some digital cameras.

All eight phones begin with a wide-angle, 12 MP digital digital camera. Everything club the SE then adds an ultra-wide lens that is angle additionally with 12 MP. And also at the line, the professional and professional Max models of the iPhone 11 and 12 round it down with a telephoto lens that is 12-mp.

The greatest addition that is new the LiDAR sensor from the iPhone 12 professional and professional Max. Much like the depth-sensing technology utilized to simply help autonomous cars navigate, this would significantly enhance things such as augmented truth (AR) and bokeh impacts.